Hello, I'm Onur Genes!

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About me:

Hello, I am Onur.

I am an experienced in iOS Development to create fast and responsive iOS apps. I want to be a part of modernizing the digital world and I am eager to work with co-thinkers since I really want to contribute to the digital world and make my projects come true.

I am constantly trying my best to learn new architectural designs, new patterns and also new libraries. I am also trying to apply them to my projects. You can see this from my Github profile.

  • Project: You can check my projects from Projects section.
  • Writing: You can check my resent post at Medium.
  • Blog: You can check my other posts on my personal blog.
  • Apart from being an iOS developer, I am constantly learning new technologies. Also I really like to make mobile games with Unity because creating new games are always fun! Other than that, I really like coffee. Most of the time I am going out with friends just for coffee.

  • Trying to keep DevGenes.com up to date. Trying to create new posts about libraries or design patterns that I am really struggled at first.

  • Also I was a professional photographer back in the day. These days I'm just taking photos of the things which looks interesting.

  • When forced indoors, I am watching Netflix and playing Dota 2. Also constantly checking eksisozluk.com.



SplitPano is the simplest tool for splitting panorama images to share as albums.
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GlitchPic is one of the fastest photo glitcher in the App Store. With it's fast glitch templates, you can get the best look for your photos!
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Minimal Adhan Timer built for basically showing prayer times. It has no other feature right now. Because main job of the app is showing prayer times.
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SynhBall is synthwave themed ball game. It is like Golf, but it is much more hardcore.
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Say Hey to your friends. Written with NodeJS, Kotlin and Swift.
iOS, NodeJS, Android
Lightweight and Open Source asset and AppIcon resizing application for MacOS
MacOS, Swift
Tadaa! - Send Confettis
Who doesn't like confetti?
iOS, Android, Web
BTC Tracker - Prices and News
Get the prices of 3900+ Crypto Coin with beautifully designed charts. You can instantly check the prices of Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC) and many more.


How to Use SwiftLint?

How to Use SwiftLint?
“How to use SwiftLint for making your code clean and avoid bugs?”
Aug 2019 - 2 min

Moya as Networking Layer with Codable

Moya as Networking Layer with Codable
What is Moya? And How to use it?
Mar 2019 - 2 min

Using Hero Transition Library with Xcode 9.4 and Swift 4.1

Using Hero Transition Library with Xcode 9.4 and Swift 4.1
You can read this story from my website:
Jun 2018 - 2 min

Machine Learning ile Öğrenci Yönlendirme Projesi

Machine Learning ile Öğrenci Yönlendirme Projesi
Machine Learning’in kullanım alanlarına baktığımızda pek çok proje ve fikirle karşılaşıyoruz. Bir konuyu öğrenmek için en iyi yöntemin…
Oct 2017 - 1 min

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless — Headless Kurulum

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless — Headless Kurulum
Çocukluğumdan beri bir şeylerin minyatürü ya da ufak hali hep daha sempatik gelmiştir. Kullanışlı olduğundan mı yoksa daha sempatik…
Mar 2017 - 2 min